Friday, June 21, 2013

Dutchboy presents "Ayatollah"

I present to y'all my latest mixtape, Ayatollah. Alot of effort was put into this one. Shout-out to everyone involved. Features include the whole clan, and some various production from Mr. Carmack, Kaytranada, and my clan brothers Zayd, and Nova, including some from myself. Show some love and stream it below and download. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Age Of A New Generation : Mixtape

The time has come, the new mixtape from my brother Lordskillz and myself, "The Age Of A New Generation" is finally here. I want to thank everyone in AGEclan for their contribution in making this original work. Show some love and click one of the download links below

1. New Age [Prod. By Nova]
2. Something Different [Prod. By Nova]
3. FNTL [Prod. By Nova]
4. Resolutions [Prod. By Nova]
5. Light Shows (Ft. Ramsay & Nova) [Prod. By Nova]
6. Trill Addict, Gots To Have It (Ft. AC3) [Prod. By SVMVRVI MVCK , Dutchboy]
7. Morning [Prod. By Dutchboy]
8. One Shot (Ft. Jon Waltz) [Prod. By Nova]
9. Hotbox [Prod. By Nova]
10. I See You (Ft. Ramsay) [Prod. By Dutchboy]
11. Get It On [Prod. By Dutchboy & Nova]
12. Rear Window (Ft. Jon Waltz) [Prod. By Ramsay]
13. The Union (Ft. Ramsay) [Prod. By Dutchboy & Ramsay]
14. For The Love [Prod. By Nova]
15. Raspy (Ft. Ramsay & Jon Waltz) [Prod. By Dutchboy]
16. (BONUS) Vision (Ft. CRCKmoney) [Prod. By CRCKmoney]
17. (BONUS) Along The Way (Ft. CHZCharile) [Prod. By Nova]
18. (BONUS) Dreams [Prod. By Nova]